Structure Editing of Handwritten Mathematics: Improving the Computer Support for the Calculational Method


We present a structure editor that aims to facilitate the presentation and manipulation of handwritten mathematical expressions. The editor is oriented to the calculational mathematics involved in algorithmic problem solving and it provides features that allow reliable structure manipulation of mathematical formulae, as well as flexible and interactive presentations. We describe some of its most important features, including the use of gestures to manipulate algebraic formulae, the structured selection of expressions, definition and redefinition of operators in runtime, gesture’s editor, and handwritten templates. The editor is made available in the form of a C# class library which can be easily used to extend existing tools. For example, we have extended Classroom Presenter, a tool for ink-based teaching presentations and classroom interaction. We have tested and evaluated the editor with target users. The results obtained seem to indicate that the software is usable, suitable for its purpose and a valuable contribution to teaching and learning algorithmic problem solving.

In 9th ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2014
Alexandra Mendes
Assistant Professor

My research focuses on innovative user interfaces for formal methods and mathematical approaches to software quality. More recently, I started work on usable security, in particular on the impact of formal verification on the use and adoption of formally verified security software product. Much of my most recent work overlaps with the area of software engineering. I am also interested on innovative and fun ways to teach Computer Science. For more details, see selected publications and some of my projects. Follow me on Twitter or add me on LinkedIn.