Logic, Algebra, and Geometry at the Foundation of Computer Science


This paper shows by examples how the Theory of Programming can be taught to first-year CS undergraduates. The only prerequisite is their High School acquaintance with algebra, geometry, and propositional calculus. The main purpose of teaching the subject is to support practical programming assignments and projects throughout the degree course. The aims would be to increase the student’s enjoyment of programming, reduce the workload, and increase the prospect of success.

In Formal Methods Teaching Workshop 2019
Alexandra Mendes
Assistant Professor

My research focuses on innovative user interfaces for formal methods and mathematical approaches to software quality. More recently, I started work on usable security, in particular on the impact of formal verification on the use and adoption of formally verified security software product. Much of my most recent work overlaps with the area of software engineering. I am also interested on innovative and fun ways to teach Computer Science. For more details, see selected publications and some of my projects. Follow me on Twitter or add me on LinkedIn.